So, what do I do exactly?

A lot. Ask me about:

  • Personal histories and narratives: I use primary and secondary sources, including extensive in-person interviews and archival materials, to create in-depth personal, family, and corporate histories. Available with or without attribution.
  • Travel writing: I compose practical, in-depth destination guides and logistical primers for frugal travelers. I typically create and lay out my own multimedia content, including original photos and videos.
  • Feature writing: I’ve written more glossy magazine and digital journalism features than I can count. My wheelhouses are small business, personal finance, politics, and travel, but I’m pretty versatile. (My portfolio showcases my range pretty well.) I respond promptly to pitch requests.
  • Longform explainers: This is where it really pays to sweat the details. My explainers and how-to procedurals are painstakingly researched and concisely communicated. If you want your readers to understand what you’re talking about, talk to me first. Multimedia and optimization optional; available with or without attribution.
  • White papers and case studiesNo topic is too technical. I don’t have the resources to do raw data analysis, but I’ll happily dive deep into the source material and elaborate as fully as necessary on the conclusions you’d like to present. Multimedia and optimization optional; available with or without attribution.
  • Power pages: If you don’t know what these are, start here. (TL;DR: Power pages establish credibility, boost visibility, and demonstrate authority like nothing else.) I handle the whole shebang, including multimedia elements and optimization. Available with or without attribution. 
  • Ghostwriting and ghost editing: I ghostwrite nonfiction articles and book-length works with subject matter experts; memoirs and personal histories (see above) with regular and extraordinary people; and rewrite, reorganize, and finesse existing manuscripts at any stage of completion. 
  • Custom short-form content: Whether it’s a one-off blog post that you just don’t have time to put together yourself or a series of edited Q&As that require an expert hand at the till, I can probably help. (You won’t know for sure until you ask.) Available with or without attribution.
  • Scripts: I develop original and adapted scripts for podcasts and video explainers. If you’re interested in adapting a previously published work to which I own full rights, please get in touch!
  • Strategy and positioning: If your comms strategy needs serious work, I’m not the person for the job, but I know plenty of folks who are. Drop me a line and we’ll go from there.


I’m a writer first, but…

I’m available for media interviews on:

  • All things self-employment – from what it takes to take the plunge and go solo, to the day-to-day minutiae of independent practice, to the lifestyle implications of being your own boss
  • Location-independent work – the good, the bad, and the ugly of working from anywhere at any time
  • Travel writing – the unglamorous logistics behind aspirational (and not-so-aspirational) travelogues
  • Ghostwriting – the theory, the science, the art, and the dust behind the curtain
  • Personal finance journalism – what really matters to consumers
  • Business journalism – what really matters to small business owners
  • Anything related to my own published work – if I’ve written about it, I’m available to be interviewed about it

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Maybe I can help with your project anyway. Get in touch through the contact form, at brian [at] martucciwrites [dot] com, or on Twitter @Brian_Martucci.


The CFPB Isn’t What It Used to Be…

...Thanks to its recently departed head, Mick Mulvaney. As a congressman, Mulvaney railed against the bureau's very existence, and vowed as its appointed leader to soften its ostensibly anti-business edge. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is still around —...

Two Safety Nets for the Price of One

According to recent reporting, about one in four Americans is underbanked, meaning they rely on expensive, potentially predatory financial products and services like payday loans and prepaid debit cards. Approximately 7% of Americans is totally unbanked. They're cash...

You Need a Plan

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not much of a planner. I'm fortunate to live with someone who, among many other wonderful qualities, is an above-replacement planista. It's not at all clear to me where I'd be without her. That's not why you're reading...

There’s No Wrong Answer Here

How many credit cards do you carry in your wallet? Do you have any other active card accounts lurking in a lockbox or secure filing cabinet at home? In a recent post for Money Crashers, I gamed out multiple answers to a question that you've probably wondered at...

What Did We Get Ourselves Into?

And you may find yourself in a beautiful house /With a beautiful wife /And you may ask yourself, well /How did I get here? /The Talking Heads captured the zeitgeist better than their contemporaries, but they didn't have a crystal ball. They couldn't imagine that, 30...

Contact Brian

You can find me in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I live and work – well, except when I'm in the field, chasing stories or gathering material for travel destination guides.

If you want to learn more about what I do, or discuss what you think I can do for you, use the contact form to get in touch. Or reach out to me directly on Twitter @Brian_Martucci. I personally respond to every inquiry.